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News & Updates


06.04.07 - Daily Disposable Contact Information

05.25.07 - Christie Sunwear by Christie Brinkley (88kb)

05.24.07 - National Academy of Vision Letter

05.23.07 - National Academy of Vision Prize Winners

05.02.07 - Contact Lens Parameter Guide

04.26.07 - Wettability of Contact Lenses: Are wetting angles clinically significant?

By: Zhi-Jian Yu PHD, Diane Crener, Stan Huth, MA, and Ophelia Panaganiban

04.28.07 - Open Position at The Wal-Mart Home Office

We have 2 remaining field recruiting positions available to assist our DMs in sourcing and hiring Pharmacists & Optometrists. 

04.30.07 - ACUVUE trade with HYDRACLEAR PLUS

ACUVUE® OASYS™ is a breakthrough comfort upgrade for contact lens wearers experiencing tired and dry eyes or working in challenging environments.

04.30.07 - Medical Eye Services/The Eye Care Network

We are very pleased to announce that we have contracted with Medical Eye Services/The Eye Care Network. At the present time we are implementing this program in 9 Western States as indicated in the heading marked ?Locations?. Following is some very important information about MES/ECN.


AMO is initiating a voluntary recall for certain lots of Complete Moisture PLUS multipurpose contact lens care solution and Active Packs distributed and sold in the United States.

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