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This information is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent a product or service endorsement or recommendation by the American Optometric Association

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the trusted eye health care provider of choice for patients seeking the best value. Our patient value proposition will be built around six commitments which create a great Patient Experience:

  1. Being known for trusted family Eye Care
  2. Being the place where Doctors Choose First to practice
  3. Offering superior Value; best quality and price
  4. Well trained Professional Staff to meet patient needs
  5. Offering the latest and best proven Technology
  6. EDLC, improving Productivity in all operations

Best Patient Experience

To Achieve This Vision We Will Need to Become Known for Our Commitments

Best Patient Experience: Best in Class according to JD Powers annual survey
Knowledgeable and Professional staff that provides prompt courteous service, with quality product that saves Patients money

Trusted Eye Care: Doctors and Optical Professionals that care about me
Create awareness for the scope of care that OD’s provide. Educate consumers in and out of store with associate intercepts regarding the health care of their eyes – target Mom and Kids as well as baby boomers

Best Value: Best Price and Quality in the local market for comparable eye wear
Price and quality leadership in every market we serve, assortment that meets the needs of our patients & members with a 100% satisfaction warranty without question

Best Proven Technology: High Yield Technology that patients need
Remain on the leading edge of Optometric technology with a disciplined process of testing, piloting followed by rollout

Best Doctors: First Choice for Doctors to Practice
Build reputation with competent staff and management that knows the business. Promote low start up costs with quality equipment, flexible contracts, high traffic, and good earnings potential

Professional Trained Staff: Right People confident to serve
Exceed the state required training, provide continuous education, training, recognition and rewards for Optometric professionals. And hire right.

EDLC: Save money but not at the expense of the patient’s experience
Obsessed approach to reduce all non-patient facing expenses, continuous improvement