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Optical Insurance

Optical Insurance

About the Wal-Mart Managed Care Network

Since 1990, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has been involved in providing exceptional hardware while contracting with Independent Doctors of Optometry who provide top quality Optometric services to our patients, all at an outstanding value. In 2003, Wal-Mart Optical Division decided to aggressively enter the managed care arena by servicing the numerous plans that want to partner with Wal-Mart Optical and you, our Doctor Partners.

Our network is comprised of Wal-Mart Vision Centers, Wal-Mart Associate Optometrists and Independent Doctors of Optometry.

Why Become a Wal-Mart Managed Care Network Provider

Now that you are familiar with Wal-Mart Optical and the business opportunities that we can offer, we are sure that you are excited to begin the enrollment process in our Managed Care Network. The advantages of becoming a Wal-Mart Managed Care Network (WMCN) provider include.

  • Having the support of the largest retailer in the country including:
  • Providing in house insurance support through the Wal-Mart insurance hotline
  • Being the preferred provider for the millions of members of the WMCN
  • Having these patients referred to your practice for their vision care needs by insurance carriers

As a member of our Managed Care Network you are able to provide prompt vision care to the members of insurance plans Wal-Mart is associated with. Here is some useful information regarding the insurance plans you will be enrolled in:

1. What are the exam reimbursement rates?

Please contact your District Manager for additional information.

2. In a two-door state, how can I begin billing insurance?
To support our doctor partners in two-door states, we are recommending the services of VisionWeb. If some of your concerns about insurance are how to get eligibility, how to file claims, or how to get paid on claims then VisionWeb can help! There is VisionWeb information enclosed within the Managed Care Packet.

3. What if I already have a provider number for a particular plan?

  • You do not have to complete the provider application again if you already have a Provider Identification Number (PIN) for the corresponding location.
  • Each location where you practice you need to verify with the insurance carrier if you need a separate PIN.
  • You need to contact the insurance carrier for verification of provider number.
  • Then be sure to communicate this information to the vision center manager so they can communicate the number to the Home Office.

4. How can I become a provider with the carriers that the vision center participates in currently?

Please contract your District Manager for assistance.

Liability Insurance Certificate Instructions (pdf file)

Davis Vision Provider Application

Affiliated Optometrist of Walmart Insurance Program