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Optometrist Key Contacts


Sean Slovenski SVP, President, Health and Wellness
Paul Beahm SVP, Health and Wellness Operations
Roger Shultheis Divisional HW Director - Northeast
Davey Lavergne Divisional HW Director - Southeast
Amanda Jenkins Divisional HW Director - Central
Ken Sasse Divisional HW Director - West
Terrance Hug Sr. Manager, Optcal Operations Support and Communication
Robb Yarnell Sr. Manager, H&W Innovations, Optical

Optical Support, Merchandising and Labs

Mony Iyer VP Health and Wellness Optical
Laura Meyer Manager - Optometrist Contracts
Tabitha Watkins Sr. Category Director, DMM, Optical
Chelsea Thomas Senior Buyer, Optical
Ericka Thumbutu Sr. Buyer, Contact Lenses
Steve Hegyes Associate Buyer
Lane Scifres Director of Procurement & Maintenance for Optical
Matt Jackson Senior Manager, Continuous Improvement
Connie Stanley Senior Manager, Optical Support
Jill Knowling General Manager, Crawfordsville Optical Lab
Mike Camp General Manager, Fayetteville Optical Lab
Michelle Wise General Manager, Dallas Optical Lab

Payer Relations

Jodi Prohofsky Sr. Director, Channel Management
Nikki Tucker Director, Commercial Contracting
Clint Clark Director, Optical and Medical Billing

Professional Relations & Talent Acquisition

Richard Rothman Director Talent Acquisition & Professional Relations
Chris Cordero, O.D. Sr. Manager Talent Acquisitions & Professional Relations
Sarah Frye Heywood, O.D. Sr. Manager Talent Acquisitions & Professional Relations

Sam's Club

David Reitnauer VP Health and Wellness Operations
Willie Cowgur Sr. Director Health & Wellness Ops Support
Mike Inclema Regional Director South Central
Kevin Morgan Regional Director Northeast
Quenton Mullins Regional Director Southeast
James Quach Regional Director North Central
Sanaa Elnajjar Regional Director Western

Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

Jennifer Sommer Director H&W Practice Compliance

Human Resources

Mandy McDonald-Brashear Sr. HR Director, Health & Welless
Ramanda Gilliard HR Director, Health & Wellness Operations
Jamey Miller Southast H&W HR Senior Manager
Kendra Buford Central H&W HR Senior Manager
Patti Bennett West H&W HR Senior Manager

Instrumentation & Equipment Technical Support

David Finley Director, QA Central Operations
Mindy Pollock Technical Support Manager
TELEPHONE: (700)730-9065 option 6
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