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A Closer Look: Drs. Karsten Lee and Michael Leong

Doctors of the Year

Drs. Karsten Lee and Michael Leong

Drs. Karsten Lee and Michael Leong, 2003 UC Berkeley graduates turned optometric partners, have set their goals on providing the best and most accessible eye care in Hawaii on the Island of Maui.  They also pride themselves on being heavily committed to providing community service, locally and internationally. 

To be the most accessible eye clinic they are open six days a week, and when their schedules fill, both can be found seeing patients.  To provide the best eye care, they turn their focus to technology and continuing education.

"Walmart really has helped us attain our goals of providing the best eye care and be the most accessible eye care center.  The low start up costs allowed us to put more back into our company; investing in advanced instrumentation, and each year we are looking to add more.  As far as accessibility, who doesn't come to Walmart?  We see all types of patients -- there are no barriers."

Drs. Karsten Lee and Michael Leong Both believe strongly that seeing clearly is a human right not a privilege.  This idea motivates them to extend their services internationally and locally.  In their 6 years as Optometrists, between the two, they have gone on 15 international missions to places like Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, and Panama.  Locally, they can be found teaming up with the Lion's Club, screening schools nearby or on more remote neighboring islands.  Charlo Vierra, their Vision Center manager has shared in this belief, and has often accompanied the doctors on school screenings.  If a patient cannot come to them, they go to the patient.  Once a month, they make the 2 hour drive to Hana and provide diabetic dilated exams at the local health center. 

With only one eye surgeon on Maui, the two practice full scope Optometry.  The doctors spend much of their free time attending continuing education lectures, where they are kept up to date with the latest medical research, technology, and medical billing procedures. Drs. Lee & Leong believe that to be successful it's necessary to take care of the patient and the community first; if you are successful there everything else will follow.

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